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Stefaan van Biesen

(m) [Belgium] 0.1 visual artist > writer > walker > sound design 0.2 member and co-founder of the Milena principle > the Politics of the heart > WIT-urban team > 0.3 drawings, designs, installations, photography, video, soundscapes, texts, lectures and performances > Urban rituals > an associative solidity between thinking, acting, environment, well-being > 'how do our thoughts manifest themselves via acts in our environment and to what extent do they contribute to our well-being?' > 0.4 devoting an important part of his artistic activity to exchanges and collaborations with other artists and experts from various disciplines > 0.5 most recent international projects are, 'Fly Ways', 'Chlorophilia', 'The Lovers' Heritage' and ‘Spaziergangwissenschaft’ > [Walking as an absolute science] > seen as a forum for discussion about sociological and ecological visions > 0.6 links to Albrecht Dürer [1471-1528] > Caspar David Friedrich [1774-1840] > Friedrich Nietzsche [1844-1900] > Fernando Pessoa [1888-1935] > Joseph Beuys [1921-1986] > Luis Baragan [1902-1988] > José Saramago [1922-2010] > Willem Schinkel [1976] > 0.7 refers to the concept of ‘the body as measure unit’ > using the senses and the body as instruments of knowledge, experience and creativity > art as a tool of connection > 0.8 worked as an artist in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Brazil and China >.

Installation score 'Growing Silence' Goethe-Institut Athens Greece 2011.



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