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Installation exhibition 'Intimacy' Gallery S&H De Buck Ghent Belgium.











[Hand written letters from refugees and immigrants] 2017-2019.





































































O U R N E W A R R I V A L S - K O M E L I N G [ 2 0 1 2 ] .



















Presentation exhibition of a ensemble of wooden boxes: 'Gras dat altijd verder groeit' of writer and poet Luc Delue. Boekentoren University Ghent Belgium. (inner view box with drawings and watercolors on matchboxes and (right) print of photo in the lid).






[ R E C O N S T R U C T I N G ] T H E V O I D [ 2 0 1 0 ] . Detail.

In situ installation with cut out drawings on paper Stichting Kunstforum De Leegte Nieuwolda NL.














































































































[Fly Ways - Fan with beehive panorama]. Exhibited in a glass display case with anthical fans. Art project
































































Herman Teirlinckhuis Beersel 1998 & 'De Gastenkamer' [Huis Meurechy] Sint-Niklaas Belgium 1996.




























































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