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[Equilibrium] Art Science Exhibits at Palazzo Albrizzi Bienale Venice Italy 01.06 > 01.08.2019.


Curator Mary Patricia Warming [USA].



We are a parallel exhibition to the Venice biennale at an official biennale venue with official pavilions inside. The Grenada, Dominican Republic and Guatemala Pavilions are in our same palazzo.




We are happy to announce our next exhibition program during the 2019 Venice Biennale:


Art/NaturSci Pavilion: Equilibrium Exhibition May 10 - August 1st Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello - Associazione Culturale Italo-Tedesca.


Large-scale ecosystem recovery has been tried and tested in Africa, China, and the Middle East. Permaculture planted today can breathe carbon from the atmosphere tomorrow. As artists working with scientists for nature, we exhibit Equilibrium. Together with you, we can reclaim paradise.


Vernissage in Palazzo’s Courtyard: May 10th, 6:30 pm Gala Gallery Opening: June 1st 5:30 pm - Concert “Il suono degli angeli” Church Santa Sofía Strada Nova, 4193, 30121 Venezia VE, Italia 6:30 pm - Gala Opening at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Exhibition’s Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-13:00 15:00-18:00


Featured artists: Ayame Ono - Japan Beric Henderson [Australia], Brent Dedas [USA], Elisabeth Pellathy [USA], Frederika Adam [USA], Gerardo Nolasco [Mexico], Haishu Chen [China], John D. Liu [USA/China], Manuela Fischer [Switzerland], Lothar Schiffler [Germany], Matthias Gorenflos [Germany], Megumi Baba [Japan], mp Warming [USA], Sonal Mithal [USA], Stefaan van Biesen [Belgium], Stefano Zaratin [Italy], Skunk Control [Australia], Ying Kit Chan [USA].



Fragment of my Fly Ways score at Palazzo Albrizzi during the Bienale.







[STOFF vzw] monthly photo on the internet page for asbestos victims in Belgium 2019.



STOFF vzw is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing stories and testimonials of asbestos victims (and family members) to the attention in our society. In some regions of Belgium a lot of asbestos has been used in buildings in the past. In the long term, many have become ill, usually with fatalities and a very painful ending.


The danger is widespread and everywhere. Everyone knows people in their environment who die from the effects of exposure to asbestos.


On demand of Johan De Vos [art critic, writer and photgrapher], every month a photo of Stefaan van Biesen is posted as a 'gesture of beauty' of the local landscape on the website and also sent in a news letter by e-mail. These photos do not immediately want to illustrate the cause of this health problem, but the landscape 'climate', in which a material such as asbestos often occurs.



Photos: walks in the region







[Leafless Variations] Duo performance Analogio Festival Athens Greece 21.09 > 27.09.2018.



Leafless Variations [the Unity of Polarities] is a duo performance by two female dancers: Lina Efstathiou [Liquid Dance Studio Athens] and eleftheria Rapti. The performance is based on on two props made by Annemie Mestdagh and Stefaan van Biesen. Both dancers participated during the Platform Project in May 2018 in Athens.


Stefaan van Biesen [concept] appeals to the experiences of a person to explore a public space. The fundamental fact of moving in time and space. Scanning the environment in relation to others. It is a combination of letting go and remembering. He assumes that the divine wisdom of the body knows what to do. All information is present in the body. Saved impressions and experiences are an emotional archive that can immediately be tapped or addressed to. For Stefaan van Biesen the essence of a performance is a meaningful ritual, a sacral event. No banal action without any meaning. He does not see it as a form of improvisation, rather as a state of being. In our archetypal gestures, the human legacy of our culture and civilization is shown to the viewer as an appealing memory bank. The attribute is a nomadic object that the participant can use to get started. It is an invitation to a feeling thinking.









During Made of Walking summer school in Delphi July 2017, there were several talks and meetings with dancers. Lina Efstathiou of The Liquid Dance Theater in Athens is now working on a dance play. 3 music compositions by Stefaan van Biesen will become the musical layer of a dance performance and choreography by Lina Efstathiou. The soundtrack of 'Liquid Trees' is used for an upcoming dance solo at a dance festival in Athens.









Meetings 2017:





[Interview] Dr Rhea Thönges & Martin Schmitz > Documenta 14 Kassel Germany > 10.09.2017.



About the relation between Lucius Burckhardt an Joseph Beuys. Documenta 14 Kassel Germany 10.09.2017.


the Milena principle made an interview about the relation between Joseph Beuys and Lucius Burckhardt. We had the chance to have a long talk with two icons: Dr Rhea Thönges (a dear friend of Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) and working partner) and Martin Schmitz (*1956, student of Lucius Burckhardt [1925-2003]). They both are publishing books about Spaziergangwissenschaft and joseph Beuys. Photo's by Annemie Mestdagh. Video and photo's by Stefaan van Biesen / the Milena principle.


Dr. Rhea Thönges-Stringaris [*1934] studied art history and archeology in Bonn and Munich. Until 1974, museum activities in the State Art Collections in Kassel. Since 1972, friendship and cooperation with Joseph Beuys. 1977 Establishment of the FIU - Branch office in Kassel. 1979 Founding Member of the 'Green'. 1980-1987 Member of the Documenta's Supervisory Board. 1982 Participation in Action: '7000 Oaks'. 1989 Establishment of the FIU-research firm. Lives in Kassel Germany and Athens Greece. Numerous lectures and publications on Joseph Beuys



Martin Schmitz [*1956] was born in Hamm, Westphalia. After graduation in 1976 to study at the Department followed architecture, urban planning and landscape planning at the University of Kassel with Lucius Burckhardt, from which he graduated with a thesis on the outpatient food in town and in 1983 as a book (with Birgit Knop) Currywurst with chips - About Culture of the snack bar. In the 1980s, he was a correspondent for the magazine 'Werk, Bauen + Wohnen' and wrote beside numerous articles in various magazines for the German Bauzeitung a special issue about the Swiss architect Christian Hunziker. In parallel, he followed in Berlin the work of Wolfgang Müller and The Deadly Doris from among the genius dilettantes and in 1987 was curator of the film program at Documenta 8 d Super-8, which was based on the artistic work with the amateur film format.


In 1989 he founded the Martin Schmitz Verlag in Kassel together with a gallery. With the move to Berlin, the exhibition was discontinued in 1999. There were projects 'mit Kunst am/im Bau', an invitation as curator of the conference 'Dilettantismus', which was held in Görlitz in 1995, teaching in Saarbruecken, Weimar, Kassel and Dresden. With the exhibition Die Tödliche Doris - Kunst, the work began in 1999 in Berlin, which followed the project 'Die Tödliche Doris - Kino' in 2003 and was shown internationally. After the death of Lucius Burckhardt in 2003, he began by compiling his entire bibliography [2006-2007]. He started to teach walk science at the university in Kassel. Curator of the third symposium documenta urbana Art plans to planning in 2007 in Kassel, the meeting 'Die Spaziergangswissenschaft: Sehen, erkennen und planen 2008' in Frankfurt am Main and the first Lucius Burckhardt Convention 2014 in Kassel 2008.





[Traces of Rain] a current and ongoing project in Europe.



[Traces of Rain] is a project for the 'Water Carrier' event. Almost every day rain is captured on a drawing sheet and collected as an urban ritual. A sequence of rainwater of several places and conditions, on places the artist is visiting. Name and place of the spot, where the rain is captured, is mentioned on the paper. The whole series is shown during the event. A vaporated trace of memory of rainy days, somewhere in Europe.




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