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I N S C R I P T I O N X [ 1 9 9 3 - 2 0 2 0 ].

[Precious Cargo, ​Precious World 2020]


Exhibition Onboard the AVONTUUR, a Sailing Cargo Ship. ​ Trapani, Sicily October 20th - ongoing. A project of ArtScie Exhibits Berlin. Curator: Mary Patricia Warming [Berlin/USA].


Time is pressing. In over 4.5 billion years of geological time, Earth’s carbon cycle has suffered few extremes like today's. We and our fellow species are in trouble - here and now. ​The immediacy of the effects of weather changes, humankind’s degradation of the forests and oceans, and the intimacy of the effects on us, is stunning. And the driving force for the determined action of many to meet these challenges head on. And so, Art Science Exhibits Berlin has developed the most solution based partnership possible - with Timbercoast Shipping, a brave, new company offering zero carbon footprint for transport. ​Because when people begin to connect to beautiful answers, change can occur. ​​​








S O N A N D H E I R [ 2 0 2 0 ] .






C U R T A I N S [ 20 1 8 ] .


CD cover and album sleeve of MOTOR!K. Belgium based band founded in 2018. Stepping out of their comfort zone and leaving their musical habitat these keymembers challenge new experimental fields inspired by the Krautrock movement from the 70's with an updated touch. Step into their world and let them take you by surprise. MOTOR!K are Joeri Dobbeleir [Guitars-Synths], Dirk Ivens [Guitars-Fx] and Dries D'Hollander [Drums].













































































































W O N D E R E R [ 2 0 1 3 ].






























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