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[END: Empirical Nonsense Daily] Jimi Dams Envoy Enterprises . NYC USA ⋈ 01.08.2020 >31.07.2021.


'I got tired of hearing some people complain, over and over again, about the ugliness of some neighborhoods in their own city or village, but without wanting to do anything about it themselves. Because you can change the energy of a place with very small gestures and cheap things. That is why I started a new initiative with befriended artists and inhabitants: reading a space specific letter in a neglected place and leaving an in situ artwork behind. Kind of a love gesture for a place that is not looked after. The Utopia book emerged from that. A book that travels and that its owner can show in places that, due to their social, societal, aesthetic dysfunction, show a sign of commitment and compassion.'


Stefaan van Biesen

With the constant barrage of daily news reports, foreshadowing the possibility of the END of days, Empirical Nonsense will attempt to bring some inspiration and hope with “END”.


“Empirical Nonsense Daily”, is a project that provides daily servings of art for 365 consecutive days. As of August 1st 2020, END will bring a broad view of the arts, including disciplines such as writing, poetry, film making, performing, acting and music. Each day is dedicated to a different artist. The project comes to an end on July 31st 2021 and will be followed, a month later, by a book documenting the 365 days of END.

Jimi Dams envoy enterprises .

NYC 212.226.4567







[A Wider Landscape] 2020.


The project / an artistic research of Stefaan van Biesen received the working title: MOSAIC [My name is Vijd]. Exhibition July 1, 2020 and runs until October 11, 2020. Location: castle Cortewalle (the former residence of Joos Vijd).


A search for Joos Vijd: symbolism and themes in the Ghent Altarpiece are placed in a contemporary context, starting from the person of Vijd, (a descendant of a Flemish patrician family depicted on the Ghent Altarpiece, together with his wife Isabella Borluut on the outside hatch). These elements are tested against our contemporary living environment. Which connections can be made and which are still relevant and are therefore perceived as timeless? Is the time and environment in which Vijd lived still topical and tangible in our human, social and intercultural relationships?







[What] The Body Knows - The Blue Parade. The Library of Walks. The village of Psarades.

[Made of Walking (V) Walking Bodies] Walking Arts Encounters Conference Prespes Greece.

30.06 > 07.07.2019.

Video: this performative walk '(What) The Body Knows / The Blue Parade'' in the village of Psarades at Prespes is part of the Library of Walks that has been started by Stefaan van Biesen since 1990. From this ongoing process various applications grew, realized in Europe and Brasilia in collaboration with curator-writer Geert Vermeire. For Made Of Walking (V) in Prespes 2019, Stefaan van Biesen & Annemie Mestdagh, designed a portable nomadic library that is carried by a group of participants:


Walkers of the group: Yannis Ziogas, Natacha Antão Moutinho, Miguel Bandeira Duarte, Rosie Montford, Anna Villas Boas, Geert Vermeire, Chistopher Kaczmar, Marie-Anne Lerjen, Kristina Borg, Katerina Paisi, Juana Miranda, Raffaella Zammit, Lucia Masu, Emanuelle Klafiger, Ienke Kastelein, Caterina Giansiracusa.







[Bon Fim Talk] Rosário Forjaz & Stefaan van Biesen Porto Portugal 19.01.2019.


[A Bon Fim Talk] A conversation between the Portugese artist Rosário Forjaz and Stefaan van Biesen (Belgium) about the art project 'Meander' and 'the Library of Walks' in the Escola Artistica de Soares dos Reis in Porto 2019 by Stefaan van Biesen & Annemie Mestdagh. Also a conversation about their contribution and performative walks: ['Light Walk' and 'Enter The Triangle'] during Made of Walking (III) in La Romieu France August 2017, an international meeting of artists who work on the theme of 'walking'.


Camera: Annemie Mestdagh / the Milena principle 2019. Time: 21:53.






[Meander III] performance/walk with students. Minho University Guimaraes Portugal 2018.


The walking body. A week of conferences, workshops and performances about walking and arts, open to the students and the public are planned in Guimarães and prepare an internation gathering Made of Walking in the Minho landscape of North Portugal later in 2019. The project is hosted by Lab2PT and EAUM Licenciatura em Artes Visuais (School of Architecture-Visual Arts) of the University of Minho and in partnership with the art collective The Space Transcribers and the Museum Nogueira da Silva.


Visual Arts of the University of Minho in a contemporary translation of the rural and natural landscapes throught the body and site specific arts, within the emotions and nomadic movements that define our actual anthropocene world, through questions that artists may rise and answers that they may have.


Meander. (Stefaan van Biesen, Annemie Mestdagh) Walking is an instrument of knowledge and experience in the artistic work of Stefaan van Biesen. Concepts such as silence / time / body / mind, influenced by Eastern approaches, are situated in a Western way of thinking. Stefaan van Biesen invites you to a silent walk / performance: 'Meander' where concepts like 'turn on / let go / lead / trust / care' are the underlying ideas. In this constellation of influences (of feeling and being involved), the participant becomes, like the co-walker, the work of art! Concept and prop: Stefaan van Biesen and Annemie Mestdagh / the Milena principle. Time: 07:08.






Dragonfly Movements [Fly Ways]. Based on a registration of dragonfly movements on the surface of a local water supply pool at the village of Neo Chorio, Akamas Cyprus during Made of Walking (IV) 2018. [the Milena principle]. Camera, video and sound composition by Stefaan van Biesen. Time 04:07.







Wander Weed Variations [Letters]. Made of Walking (IV) Neo Chorio Akamas Cyprus 2018. Letters kept in a copper fabric prop. Copper as the origin of the name 'Cyprus'. Copper as a conductor, the Alchemic symbol of the goddess Aphrodithe. You can only feel and touch the letters, not read them. They are telling stories of the land, it's ancestors and people. About love, beauty, tenderness, Longing, death, violence, occupation, abandoned houses, exiles, despair, hope, joy, ...

The video is taken in an abandoned house in Neo Chorio Akamas, a precious and still untouched nature reserve, gradually threatened by real estate companies. The echos of the past linger on between the stones, inside the ruins of the place. Voices are whispering the old songs.

Camera and prop performance by Annemie Mestdagh. Concept, video and sound composition by Stefaan van Biesen. Made of Walking is an international meeting of walking artists and scientists. Organised by Geert Vermeire / the Milena principle 2018. Time 05:52.









[Leafless (IV)] performance Eleftheria Rapti & Lina Efstathiou.

Independed Art Fair. School of Fine Arts Athens Greece 17.05>20.05. 2018.

Leafless IV is a: 'nomadic prop for silent gestures'. Starting from the idea of: 'a prop looking for a performer'. Stefaan van Biesen invites body or movement artists, dancers to use the prop as an instrument of introspection.


Special thanks to the performers: Eleftheria Rapti & Lina Efstathiou.

Stefaan van Biesen appeals to the experiences of a person to explore a public space. The fundamental fact of moving in time and space. Scanning the environment in relation to others. It is a combination of letting go and remembering. He assumes that the divine wisdom of the body knows what to do. All information is present in the body. Saved impressions and experiences are an emotional archive that can immediately be tapped or addressed to. For Stefaan van Biesen the essence of a performance is a meaningful ritual, a sacral event. No banal action without any meaning. He does not see it as a form of improvisation, rather as a state of being. In our archetypal gestures, the human legacy of our culture and civilization is shown to the viewer as an appealing memory bank. The attribute is a nomadic object that the participant can use to get started. It is an invitation to a feeling thinking.


Realisation prop: Annemie Mestdagh.






Whiff [Whispering] [Green Line] performance Urban Emptiness Nicosia Festival 2017.


A silent man who whispers the world. A gesture of tenderness, involvement, connection and also a discourse made visible. An image of a caring hand, a standing man, a projection of desire, words that are whispered in the hope that they will expand in time and space. Also the question to be a listening ear. It may seem like a noble but absurd and senseless act, something that won't lead to no results. But nothing is less true: the whisperer, the silent standing man becomes an image of a silent inner knowing. A question how our actions determine and shape our environment and socio-cultural biotope? What is the effect and what are the consequences of our 'Being'?


Whispering like a force, a deeply human gesture. Silence as a loud demand for togetherness, caring, as an ecological, socially humane instrument. Time 02:57.






[Whisper] Performance Paphos Gate [Green Line] Nicosia Cyprus. Urban Emptiness Nicosia Festival 2017. With Geert Vermeire. Camera & attribute: Annemie Mestdagh. Video, concept & soundscore: Stefaan van Biesen. Thursday 7th of December 2017. Time 05:32. 







[Meander] Performance Faneromeni Square Nicosia Cyprus during the Urban Emptiness Nicosia Festival 2017. A silent walk / performance, where concepts such as 'connecting / letting go / leading / trust / taking care of ' are the underlying ideas. In this constellation of influences, (of feeling and being involved), you become, as the co-walker, the work of art! Participants: Frans Van Lent, Ieke Trinks, Annemie Mestdagh, Deirdre Macleod, William Mackaness, Sophia Hadjipapa Gee, Marie Christine Katz, Abdo Alrezq. Time 04:59.







[Meander] Performance students/artists in the frame of Urban Emptiness Network 16.11.2017 [walking as a research Lab at Arba-EsA] Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Buxelles Belgium 2017. A silent gesture. Concept & video by Stefaan van Biesen. Attribute performance Annemie Mestdagh. Time 06:37.








[The Sergiu Celebidache Variations] Performance/video Venice 2017. Conducting a landscape...


The musical material is, in a sense, like a landscape, it has mountains, valleys, rivers. It has its own topography. What can we do to become aware of this landscape and its different natural variances? We cannot change them, we cannot alter them […] we must integrate all the information about the landscape into a single unity.


Musically speaking, one cannot change the music to make it more expressive. […] But the path of these criteria through the landscape, no matter how incompletely it is represented in the score, is a representation of the landscape. If we follow the composer´s guidelines, what is to be interpreted? […] Behind the term “interpretation” there surely lies the idea that one can treat music as it was a simple object, as something that can be taken out from the refrigerator, and topped with a certain sauce, depending on someone´s taste.  There is nothing more false and more distant from what music really means.


Sergiu Celibidache. Text by Geert Vermeire/student of Celibidache. Time 06:03.









[A Conversation Piece] Venice 2017. Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh. Shown on the Urban Emptiness Nicosia Festival 2017. Time 03:41.







[Unfolding Memories] Performance/video in front of the house of our host Gabriella Pietropaoli at La Giudecca Venice 2017. This performance was a tribute to the laundry performance of ARTICACTS (CAN) by Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee during the international meeting Made of Walking III at La Romieu France September 2017. The video was shown on the Urban Emptiness Nicosia Festival 2017. Time 01:37.










[Enter The Triangle] video performance during Made of Walking Delphi Greece 2017. [By Aliki Arnaouti]. Enter the Triangle. Performance for 3 walkers and dancers during Made of Walking Delphi 2017. Concept and video: Stefaan van Biesen/ the Milena principle. Attribute made by Annemie Mestdagh / the Milena principle. Performers: Lina Efstathiou, Eleni Nakou, Julia Redei, Penny Finiri, Leand Kalaja, Panagiotis Lezes, Aliki Arnaouti, Ioanna Thanou-Mikro Skordopsomo, Chara Tzoka, Marianna Makri, Vermeire Geert and Haris Pellapaisiotis. Time 03:14.








[About Lucius Burckhardt & Joseph Beuys] a talk at Peppermint, Documenta 14 Kassel Germany. 12.09.2017. During Documenta 14, the office library of Lucius and Annemarie Burckhardt (1925–2003 and 1930–2012) resides at Peppermint. The practice of these two unconventional thinkers affiliated with the University of Kassel has substantially influenced the development of an education’s approach to “walking the city” as a way of learning. Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen are talking about the importance of this library and Spaziergangwissenschaft. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh. the Milena principle. Time 15:39.







A silent meditative walk/performance for 3 walkers, during Made of Walking La Romieu 2017. With Annelies Vantyghem (B), Niran Baibulat (FIN), Rosario Forjaz (PT), Andrew Stuck (UK), Mel Sutton (UK), Ivana Pinna (IT/ES), Guendouz Nawal (ALGERIA/ FR), Carol Mancke (US), Phillip Mckenzie (UK), Leo Kay (B/UK), Pam Patterson (CAN), Leena Raudvee (CAN), Ruth Roadbent (UK).

The Enter the Triangle performance (Silent Movements) is a gentle walking performance where three participants are required to listen to each other's body and the movements they make towards their own body. It is based on how to relate to another one's ways of moving or physical dialect:  so to become aware of the other(s). At the same time to be aware of the urban environment and the fact that although you are connected, there is always a feeling of disconnection between you and the others. Being able to touch and still being in the distance. It can be seen as a mental exercise to trust the other(s). To follow the other moving bodies while moving in space and to become a moving shape of consciousness. A flow, a living human sculpture, constantly changing shape of a triangle by interactions. Time 04:59.







[Enter The Triangle] video performance during Made of Walking (II) Delphi Greece 2017. Enter the Triangle. Performance for 3 walkers and dancers during Made of Walking Delphi 2017. Concept and video: Stefaan van Biesen/ the Milena principle. Attribute made by Annemie Mestdagh / the Milena principle. Performers: Lina Efstathiou, Eleni Nakou, Julia Redei, Penny Finiri, Leand Kalaja, Panagiotis Lezes, Aliki Arnaouti, Ioanna Thanou - Mikro Skordopsomo, Chara Tzoka, Marianna Makri, Vermeire Geert and Haris Pellapaisiotis. Time 03:14.







[Mindset for 2 globes / Hythlodaeus] video/performance. Presentation of video/soundscape & performance for 'Opdonder' [an invitation by curator Johan De Vos and Eric Windey] in the space where two globes of Gerard Mercator [1512-1594] are shown in the Mercator Museum Sint-Niklaas Belgium 2017. This in relation to a lecture about 'the beauty of Mathematics and formulas' by Ronny van Meerssche.

[Hythlodaeus sound track for the Utopia Sound Map: Cities and Memory ⋈ Oxford UK 2015. Composed, mixed and produced by Stefaan van Biesen/the Milena principle 2015. Time 20:38.






[Utopia Talk]. A talk by Geert Vermeire [curator] and Stefaan van Biesen [the Milena principle] about the Utopia project in Limassol and Nicosia in the house of Pandora during the Urban Emptiness Network exhibition at the NeMe Art Centre in Limassol 2017. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 10:45.







[Utopia Book] A reading ritual by Helene Black [NeMe Art Centre Limassol] Cyprus 2017 during the Urban Emptiness Network exhibition at NeMe. The Utopia Book was used in Limassol and Nicosia during a walk wiht Geert Vermeire, Stefaan van Biesen, Marielys Lely Burgos and Annemie Mestdagh. This second version of this Utopia Book was made by Stefaan van Biesen. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh.


[Utopia and walking] : a book and a place, about the word Utopia as a gesture, how books open, walking as being together and transformation of a space, being the place, about flow, exchange, drift as a method of letting people and the environment come to you. About playing the city, about change of perspective, about inner knowledge, words and nature, words as giving attention and carrying around the word Utopia, as a gift. Time 09:30.









[The Space Between] Installation at the Lavoir as a tribute to feminine care and homely devotion. Women as the selfless motor in the household. The Lavoir is next to a local source and historical washing/laundry place where the women of the village used to wash their clothes. And in this way a very important meeting place with a social impact. Installation during the solo exhibition 'Passages' La Romieu 2016. Installations in several historical places.


This Installation was already been shown during 'Verticale Stromen/Vertical Streams' Bredene Belgium 2002, 'Ventilatie' Sint-Jans Hospitaal Bruges Belgium 2005 and during the solo exhibition 'The Go-between', in the historical garden of the Biscainhos Museum Braga Portugal 2011. Time 01:44.







[Ex Voto/Votum] Registration of sound installations at the Collégiale, a medieval monastery [1312 by Arnaud d'Aux, cousin of pope Clément V]. Solo exhibition 'Passages' in several historical places in La Romieu [Gers Midi-Pyrénées] France 2016. Time 02:50.








[To Carry Memories] based on an action [l'écosseuse] by Monique Adamo [Univertity Lyon, France] during the prospection of 'Passages': solo exhibition Stefaan van Biesen at La Romieu [Gers Midi-Pyrénées] France 2016. Location: Va Bene gallery, the house of Catherine and Denis Beaugé.


Video and sound composition by Stefaan van Biesen. participants: Nadia Smet, Raymond Benaerts, Catherine & Denis Beaugé, Christian & Belinda Porré, Annemie Mestdagh & Stefaan van Biesen. Time 04:43.







[Lavoir] Video/performance at the Lavoir [a local source and historical washing/laundry place where the women of the village used to wash their clothes. And in this way a very important meeting place with a social impact] during the solo exhibition 'Passages' La Romieu 2016.


Script, sound composition & video by Stefaan van Biesen. Translation/adaptation by Christian Porré. Washing ritual by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 07:32.







[Sensing Silence] registration of a group performance [curated by Geert Vermeire] at EMST [Museum of Contemporary Art] Athens Greece May 2016. At the time the brand new museum was completely empty. The collection of modern art was elsewhere and waiting to be transported. So the first work of art was this silence performance by 15 participants [theater, dancers, artists, curators]. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh and Stefaan van Biesen. Time 24:48.


Sensing silence the Diogenes variations a performance by Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen the Milena principle with a complementary workshop about silence and the body in the empty EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens by Geert Vermeire (performance artist), Stefaan Van Biesen (visual artist), Christos Kakalis (architect) and Andromachi Vrakatseli (sound artist). Departing from the interconnection of sound and walking as a research method and artistic practice we explore the relation between movement, body and sound in the silent spaces of the empty museum, using recording technology, drawing and writing as tools to capture trajectories through silent space. In the frame of the Urban Emptiness Network - Edinburgh-Brussels-Athens 2016. The workshop was organized in collaboration with EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art and curator Ms. Anina Valkana as part of the Museum's educational programs continuing on the educational program "Young Sound Explorers» Co-organizer: EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Partners: DEREE-The American College of Greece / Theatre Arts & Dance Department Athens School of Fine Arts National Technical University Athens / School of Architecture Urban Emptiness Network - Edinburgh-Brussels-Athens 2016 / the Milena principle 2016.







[Sketchbook Urban Emptiness]. Notes and drawings by Stefaan van Biesen & Geert Vermeire during the Urban Emptiness project at the University Edinburgh Scotland 2016. This book was shown during the Urban Emptiness Network exhibition at Sculpture Court of the ECA Main Building ⋈ Edinburgh Scotland UK June 2016.


Silence, Νarrative and the Ιntimacy of the city / Exhibition of actions and workshop results of the Urban Emptiness International Network, an interdisciplinary investigation of emptiness and silence in three contemporary cities: Athens, Edinburgh and Brussels. In the frame of the symposium "The Place of Silence: Experience, Environment and Affect" / University of Edinburgh. Time 02:31.







[Sea Born] A talk By Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen [the Milena principle] at Giudecca in the house of Valentina Genio, about the Sea Born performance of the Milena principle in Venice 2015. Project for 'Invisible Cities' Italian Cultural Institute Athens / Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene 2015. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 14:23.







[Sea Born] Performance by Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen [the Milena principle] at Giudecca Venice 2015. Project for 'Invisible Cities' Italian Cultural Institute Athens / Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene 2015. Concept and attribute by Stefaan van Biesen. Camera by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 02:35.








[Urban Rituals / Resounding Cities] A wall installation at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon Lisbon Portugal 2015. A sound project connection Athens, Brussels and Lisbon with the students of RITCS Brussels Belgium.


Installation of the workshop at the Faculty of Fine Arts - Universty of Lisbon, connected with workshops and soundwalks in Brussels and in Athens. the Milena principle presents together with befriended collectives and organisations in Lisbon and Athens a collaborative sound-and visual installation, demonstrating the effect towards other cities, through a network of artistic interventions with remote users from other cities. The juxtaposition of artistic interventions and experiences of different urban environments suggesting the acknowledgement of coherence emphasized in the practices of everyday life-urban rituals, rather than the contrast implied by the geographical and cultural differences. Time 03:29.








[Chlorophilia/inner fluids] installation Biodiversity Nieuwenhoven Belgium 2014. (Curated by Jos Herck).


The term 'Chlorophilia', was introduced in 2004 by the journalist Bob Hoss (Chlorophilia - Exploratorium). He referred to a remarkable phenomenon: the physical and sexual attraction that scientists believe to feel for the natural world, specifically for plants and trees. He described it as a form of 'being in love' that expressed itself in, among other things, embracing and hugging trees and in an extreme interest in gardening. An ambivalent emotional attitude that was at odds with the objectivity in research, the rationality that you would expect from scientists.


Hoss made the analysis that the phenomenon Chlorophilia was a passionate force that drove people to see their admiration and attraction as an impulse that leads to change and respect. The increasingly blurred line between culture and the natural world served as a forum to explore how aesthetics and morality were closely related to each other. 'Chlorophilia' became a common denominator for the work of breeders, (ecological ) garden communities and researchers, both by artists and experts in a tradition as old as human culture . Time 04:15.









[Fly Ways] registrations of insect flights 1994-2014. Kunstenfestival Watou 2014 Belgium. Time 03:39.







[Lost and Found] installation by Stefaan van Biesen for WIT urban team at 'Mind the Gap' Warp Sint-Niklaas Belgium 2013. Time 02:14.








[Liquid Days] video performance 2013 for the Water Carrier project at Museu Noguiera da Silva [Minho University Braga Portugal]. Time 01:12.








[Fly Ways] Installation and soundscape in the coridor of the Saint Odulfus Church at Borgloon for the Sensitive Islands solo exhibition (curated by Jos Herk and Art Borgloon) Belgium 2012 during the Art Festival Manifesta 9. Time 04:43.








[Reading the Book I am] Performance at the Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 20.12.2012. Holding a book you can only feel but cannot read. Attribute by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 02:37.








[Sensitive Islands] project for students. The video was shown for the first time at the Saramago Foundation 2012 during a symposium about the work of José Saramago [writer an Nobel Price winner 1998] in relation to ecology. Time 05:58.









[Uma orelha sobre a relva] video Stefaan van Biesen. 5 poems in the Portugese language by poet Geert Vermeire 2012. the Dürer connection: uma orelha sobre a relva / Uma biblioteca imaginaria (Brasilia, Biblioteca Nacional - October 2011). Exhibition about the library as a space of imagination, writing performances on video and video poetry in the National Library of Brasilia with the concepts of travelling as an artistic instrument and thematically connected with the novel Blindness of José Saramago. Artists: Stefaan Van Biesen, Geert Vermeire and Yiannis Melanitis. Curator: Geert Vermeire. Literary Consultant: Simona Vermeire. In collaboration with EUNIC – European Union National Institutes for Culture and UnB – University of Brasilia. Time 07:55.








[Walks 2011] travel notes/drawings on Moleskine on several places 2011.


"Modern cities and towns have often forgotten how to listen to walking and the needs of people who are walking. With a focus on two questions, interspersed with short walks. How can the ideas of listening to walking and listening while walking be brought into the day-to-day worlds of city planning and design? How can the worlds of art and walking advocacy work together to help communities get the mix of physical and spiritual walking space that they need to make healthier and happier places?"  Time 03:22.







[the Go-between] exhibition Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 2011. Time 04:15.









[Interview] Geert Vermeire talking about 'Geist' [installation by Stefaan van Biesen] for 'Aberto Brasilia' Brasilia Brazil 2011. Television braodcast CCBB Brazil. Curated by Wagner Barja [National Museum of Modern Art in Brasilia]. Time 02:45.









[the Go-between] Performance during the exhibition 'How Long Is Now?' in the garden of the Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 2010. Camera by Shaomin Xue. Time 07:38.









[the Letter] writing performance [a letter to a scarecrow] in the historical kitchen garden of Museu Biscainhos Braga Portugal 2011. Time 02:27.









[Homage to Patinir] (1480-1524). Video art project and Photo festival in Braga: 'Transmutaçoes da Paisagem' at the convent of Tibeas Portugal 2010. Time 08:08.








[A Knocking Bird] a daily ritual - video registration Belgium 2009. This video registration of a bird that came knocking on our door each day (at about the same time every day in the early morning for about two months). This was the start of the Knocking Bird project in Sint-Niklaas Belgium with 23 European participants supported by Grundvigt. The project was about the relation between birds and people in the city. Time 02:27.









[Spaziergangwissenschaft] Video about drawings and Walking as an absolute science: writings, reflections, drawings, models, performances about society, ecology versus economy. It is seen as a forum for discussion about sociological and ecological visions. In this project there are links to Alfred Dürer [1471 - 1528], Caspar David Friedrich [1774 - 1840], Friedrich Nietzsche [1844-1900], Fernando Pessoa [1888-1935], Joseph Beuys [1921-1986], Luis Baragan [1902-1988], Willem Schinkel [1976]... Time 29:37.







[The Naumburg Variations] Public performance at the Naumburg Dom Germany during the Friedrich Nietzsche Seminar in Ostmansted 2005 near Weimar. Philosophic event organised by Ingid Pee. Concept by Stefaan van Biesen. Camera & attribute by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 18:57.









[Whisperer] extract performance during 'About melancholy / Omtrent Melancholie' at the park of De Campagne Drongen Belgium 2004. Curated by Filip Van de Velde [SMAK, Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent Belgium]. Time 02:58.









[Wereldstede - Sleeper (II)] Sleep performance by Julie Snauwaert during 'About melancholy / Omtrent Melancholie' at De Campagne Drongen Belgium 2004. Curated by Filip Van de Velde [SMAK, Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent Belgium]. Reprise Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal. Time 03:45.








[Buzzer I] Video of installation at Beeldig Hof Ter Saksen Beveren Belgium 2003. Exhibition: 'Uit Het Zelfde Hout Gesneden (Cut out of the same wood)', curated by Stefaan van Biesen. Sound score by Stefaan van Biesen. Time 00:57.









[Metamorphosis] Video of a performance for the art project 'the Weight of Fire/ het Gewicht van Vuur', CC De Poort Zonnebeke Belgium 2000. Curated by Els Vermeersch. Sound score by Stefaan van Biesen. Camera and artistic assistance by Annemie Mestdagh. Time 08:09.







[Walking the Angel] video & soundscape [Man Broke Tree] by Stefaan van Biesen. Performance by Lies Van Lierde Beveren Belgium 2000. Solo exhibition 'Het Gewicht van Vuur/The Weight of Fire' De Poort Zonnebeke. Curator: Els Vermeersch > 'Passage' La Romieu France 2016. Curator: Christian Porré.







[Wildman Variations] video of a performance based on 'the wildman'. Pagan fresco wall paintings and wooden sculptured ornaments in a catholic chapel (19th century) of a castle [Cortewalle Beveren] during the art project 'Corpus' CC Ter Vesten [1998]. Solo exhibition 'Corpus' CC Ter Vesten. Curated by Johan De Feyter. Time 05:44.


The wildman is a mythical figure that appears in the artwork and literature of medieval Europe, comparable to the satyr or faun type in classical mythology and to Silvanus, the Roman god of the woodlands.


Nature versus Culture. Or a desire to be 'nature', to be one with nature? The polarity between culture and nature, but also the inability to connect both. The definition of the term 'nature' is determined by culture. The term 'nature' is an interpretation, a filtered look at our environment. Maybe it is therefore a difficult concept to describe. We often forget that we ourselves are 'nature'. We often place ourselves outside of 'nature' and look at it as an observer who is detached, who has lost or denied the bond with what he is in essence. Culture versus nature, ratio versus the body.









[Letter to an Orchard] urban silent ritual in an orchard that has to make way for a new residential area. Melsele Beveren Belgium 1998. Time 06:00.









[My load is undefined] My first walk as the start of an artistic practice: registration of a two days walk. Melsele Belgium 1992. Attribute Stefaan van Biesen. An homage to Breugel and Bosch. Camera and video by Toon Saerens. Time 04:46.







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